Death Sex Advocates

by Death Sex Advocates

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released March 26, 2014

Recorded in Cincinnati Ohio. February 2014 by jerry westerkamp

Mastered by John hoffman



all rights reserved


Death Sex Advocates Cincinnati, Ohio

For booking or contact click the "contact DSA" link below.

Ving - Vocals

Franchesca - Vocals/Drums

Sam - Guitar

Garrett - Bass

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Track Name: He's Not Worth It
You say "He's not worth it."
Like I'm a fucking joke
and now you watch your back
because you know there aint no hope.
and I always pay the price,
no matter what's the cost.
So go ahead and take a swing
'cause I never call the cops.

You say "He's not worth it."
'Cause you're scared to try your luck
but those hypothetical consequences
they don't scare me much
and they don't impress
me or him or her
and if your gonna fuck with me
you better prepare to get burned.
fuck you.
Track Name: My Rules, My Way
Don't you know you cant make me fucking go?
You try and try and try aint got nothin' show!

'Cause I take the law into my hands
and its your rules that I can't stand.
Don't press your finger down on me
it's not gonna kill me anyway because its...

My Rules, My way!
Track Name: Skate Faster
Wake up in the morning and you just wanna go.
You can't take these pressures but you don't wanna moan.
So you grab a skateboard hit the streets
bomb the hills wont get off clean.
Rush hour traffic wanna take your life
but you wont move without a fight.
And now you drop in the bowl and take control,
this world is yours and its never slow 'cause you...

Skate faster, skate faster!
won't tell you no
Skate faster, skate faster!
won't tell you no
Skate faster, skate faster!
won't tell you no
Skate faster, skate faster!
I just wanna grind it!
Track Name: Masochistic Maniac
Sitting in my room feeling fucking insane,
and I haven't slept in 2 or more days.
Why should I fix when I can break?
and Why would I love when I can hate?
I scratch, I scream, I crush, I pry.
and if I stop feeling pain then I must've died.
I use bloody fists to smash my walls,
to match a bloody face to break my fall.

Masochistic Maniac
ya I'm a fucking Maniac
Masochistic Maniac
it's on my own body and I'm gonna attack, ya.
Masochistic Maniac
ya I'm a fucking Maniac
Masochistic Maniac
I got no reason otherwise, go.

Masochistic Maniac
ya I'm a fucking Maniac
Pound my fists, I whine, I squirm.
Self respect I never learned.
To like myself and wait my turn
I say fuck that man cause I'd rather burn.
I pick my skin 'till bones I see, cause self destruction's what I need.
Track Name: Uncontrollable
Walkin' down the street,
But you never talk to me.
You try to get out of my way,
well bitch you're gonna pay!

Don't you know that I'm...

Gonna chase you down,
rub your pretty face in the ground.
You made me feel like a piece of shit
and now you're gonna get it!
Track Name: Lullaby For Ghoulies
I hate easy listening music
what a foul smelling bag of puke,
forget the pizza where's the babes?
Track Name: I Hate Indie Rock

Goin' to the general store.
Gotta find a fix, gotta find a score,
but all these products look the same
they're by the book, they're fucking plain!

"Hey man! come to the hip bar we'll play a slow jam to seduce your thoughts!"

what the fuck? I don't wanna go, I need something dirty to make my blood flow.

"Awwh that's cute you still play punk? I remember that but now I'm soft."

I'm not saying be like me, but why the path to be accepted so easily?

"Cause I'm self-conscious, I want chicks, I don't wanna be creative I just wanna get rich!"

Play it faster I wanna go crazy.
I'm looking for danger I aint looking for safety.
Ya I'm fucking crazy! go!

Old time fashion vintage trends
they're coming back to haunt again,
and grandma's proud of her retro spawn
that's prematurely dead and gone.

why be something that your not?
and that's why I say indie sucks, go!